Our achievements will speak for itself:

  • 1997, Central Diesel was the first diesel fuel systems workshop in the Philippines, to equip itself with the top of the line Bosch EPS815-KMA and Bosch EPS 815-MGT calibration test benches.
  • We set the standard being the first national winner of Bosch’s Quality Cup.
  • We are also the first appointed Bosch Diesel Center in the Philippines.
  • Central Diesel is the first service member representing the Philippines in the ADS (Association of Diesel Specialist) since 1980
  • The first to equip itself of Hartridge AVM2-PC (top of the line) calibration test bench to handle Delphi pumps and ALL MAKES common rail (CRDI) pumps, common rail injectors, Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP) and Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI)